Keeping sidewalks safe during winter

As the winter season approaches, it is crucial to ensure that your sidewalks are safe and accessible for pedestrians.  If you have sidewalks or walkways on your personal property, laws and ordinances about snow removal can vary by city and state. Snow removal regulations are made to prevent injuries and potential legal issues that could… Continue reading Keeping sidewalks safe during winter

Holiday Travel Tips

The holiday season (from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day) is typically the busiest travel time of the year. According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, during the Thanksgiving travel period, the number of long-distance trips (50 miles or more) increases by more than 50 percent. During the Christmas/New Year’s travel period, the number rises by… Continue reading Holiday Travel Tips

Sharing the Roads Safely

Motorcycle safety is a top priority for riders and motorists alike. As the number of motorcycles on the road continues to rise, it is crucial to understand and follow best practices to ensure a safe and enjoyable riding experience for all. First and foremost, motorcyclists need to wear proper protective gear. A helmet, gloves, durable… Continue reading Sharing the Roads Safely