Licensing Issues lawyer

By the very nature of their business, real estate professionals are subject to scrutiny by many individuals. When things go wrong with a real estate transaction, buyers, sellers, investors, other agents, etc. all look to place blame on another party. That’s why it is important to have experienced lawyers on your side.

If someone files a complaint against you, the lawyers at Davis & Gelshenen will represent you and defend you as we work through the process on your behalf. We will push for a quick resolution when possible and fight tenaciously for you in a hearing when necessary. We understand how important your reputation is and will fight to protect it.

At Davis & Gelshenen, we have been retained by some of the country’s largest and most respected real estate companies and professional liability insurance carriers. Because we know real estate law inside and out, we find resolution where others do not. We have lawyers licensed to practice in Wisconsin, Illinois, Ohio and North Carolina. Call us today at 866-427-2121 for a free, no-obligation initial consultation and learn how we can help you avoid risk and defend impending litigation.

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